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AT&T U-Verse Special Offer Bait and Switch – Customer Service @ATTCustomerCare

 So here’s an experience I really don’t like to share, but AT&T strikes again. On July 2, 2013 I called to cancel my services from AT&T after the company raise my rate on internet services by more than double! Which in itself is really bad….

Horrible AT&T SBC Global Yahoo DSL Support Experience

 Having some serious problems tonight with AT&T DSL service. At around 9pm I tried to connect to the internet and found there was no internet. My router was stuck trying to obtain an IP from AT&T and not having any success. The first time I…

Flickr Pro accounts no longer free for AT&T Users

 All AT&T Internet Flickr pro accounts will be converted to free Flickr accounts, which are subject to some limits. You can read more about the limits of a free Flickr account here: https://www.flickr.com/help/limits/ Your Flickr Pro account will expire on: 1st February, 2009. This date…