Jul 16 2013
AT&T U-Verse Special Offer Bait and Switch – Customer Service @ATTCustomerCare

So here’s an experience I really don’t like to share, but AT&T strikes again.

On July 2, 2013 I called to cancel my services from AT&T after the company raise my rate on internet services by more than double! Which in itself is really bad.

So the rep in the “retention” department was helpful, but appeared that it was his first day on the job.

After about an hour on the phone, the rep offered me the following:

1 An install appointment on July 6, 2013, between 11-1pm.

2 U300 TV Services with  3 receivers

3 12mb U-Verse internet – double what I have now.

4 200 Rewards Card – which I can use to pay my bill

5 Discounted first bill of $90

6 Rate of $105 for 2 years

So far AT&T has failed on 1, 2, and 3, but I have not seen 4, 5,  or 6.

The installed took place this past Saturday after several calls to AT&T.  The install went ok, required some rewiring of our phone wiring, to keep the our wireless phone base station where it was downstairs. And we had to move our router to where we have a receiver.  So be prepared to have to make some changes. And there will be a wireless access point that is required to connect to the “wireless receivers” .  A rep that worked on scheduling my appointment, said they reduced the monthly to $101 per month.

I received a call from some sales referral dept, wanting to verify that I wanted the 3rd receiver  that it would cost me. I explained that the rep who sold  me the package included the 3 receivers.  I asked to speak with either the rep that sold me the package or their supervisor, or a manager.  Nobody was available to assist me.

Is there someone from AT&T paying attention to these issues and tactics?  Because my next call is to cancel. Why would anyone put up with these tactics?

So far I am not happy with the way this has gone down. I have not cancelled my DirecTV service, fearing that this could happen.

This is what I am looking for from AT&T.

Honor what your reps are offering::

3 receivers, 12mb internet, and ensure that the price of $101 that was promised by your reps.

So after two weeks of waiting for my first bill it has arrived and it is substantially higher than I was promised by several reps. For one month of service that I was promised was going to be $105 it is $150!  So the misrepresentation by AT&T is obvious because no less than twice was I told by a rep that the pre-tax amount was going to be either $109 or $105 per month for the services outlined above. This is simply absurd that AT&T would make promises to a customer to then change the story and cause more confusion to customers.

AT&T here’s the news flash, don’t lie to customers, they will not forgive you. It is bad to mistreat customers and lie to them.

I am still trying to figure out how to get a credit for the Uverse Internet service that I was pretty much forced to upgrade from the DSL service which I was happy with. The U-Verse Internet had issues I never had with the DSL, namely connection timeouts, and no service.  Why AT&T is trying convince customers that they have the best service leaves much to be desired.

Right now I am getting a message while trying to speak with yet another rep and they are experiencing unusually high call volumes. Well, every time I call they are experiencing high call volumes, and the chat support is useless, nobody there can help.

If anyone has had a difference experience with AT&T I would love to hear about, because my experience has not been good. I used to have them for wireless service and it was worse than the service with T-Mobile. Verizon has had its ups and downs, perhaps now it is pretty good, with few dropped calls and good coverage in most areas, while AT&T continues to try to figure it out.


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