Jan 9 2009
Santa Ana Winds and Freeway Cigarette Pollution

So the Santa Ana winds are coming back to Southern California this weekend. Dry and winds up to 70mph in some regions.

As I was driving down the 134 this morning a driver tossed out a lit cigarette out onto the freeway. This is a common occurence on the freeways of Los Angeles. Without regard this person already discarding cigarrette ashes onto the freeway proceeds to toss a fully lit with well over half of the cigarrette still smoking onto the roadway. There are tons of dry brush in that section of freeway with many homes in the hills surrounding.

This car was a Ford Mustang, later model. California License plate: 4PKS216.

The lit cigarette was tossed out around Eagle Rock bettwen Figueroa Blvd and the Glendale Fwy interchange.

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