Jan 9 2009
DTV Delay Possible

After the hundreds of millions that has been spent by the government, broadcasters, manufacturers, it appears that once Obama is in office the Digital TV transition may get extended.

In an early post, I noted that the rebates are dried up due to lack of funding. At this point it appears that President Elect Obama will need to address this issue quickly in order to not create chaos. Obama has 28 days after taking office to figure out what to do before the deadline.  My guess is that we will see a delay of 6 months to 1 year.   The Consumer Union is asking for the delay as well due to the lack of funds. Even the big media networks, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS all four of them agree that the delay is needed.

I am in favor of the DTV program and other programs that support broadband infrastructure.  It is what will make us competitive.  We lag so far behind other developed contries in technology especially mass adoption of technology.  Yes our population larger and more diverse and out country is larger, but we have the tools.  This surely needs to be part of the economic stimulus programs that Obama wants to implement. Wether it is fiber or wireless broadband we need it quick.

We wait to see what happens with the Obama and the government in the deadline for DTV.

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