Jul 30 2008
SanFran MusicTech Summit

The next SanFran MusicTech Summit, which will
take place on Monday, October 20th, at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco.
🙂 More info can be found at https://www.sanfranmusictech.com

We plan to make this even better than the last Summit, which was even
better than the first phenomenal one, and we’ve got some tricks up our
sleeves to attempt to make this a reality. 🙂

The SanFran MusicTech Summit brings together the leading technologists,
musicians, entrepreneurs, reporters, investors, service providers, artist
organizations; many of the folks who are leading the way at the
convergence of culture and commerce. The Summit has been resonating well
both with the leaders of the music/internet/technology movement from the
San Francisco Bay Area who are tired of the effort and expense of flying a
small part of their teams to places such as Austin, Cannes, and Berlin,
who have been begging for a local event such as this so that the market
will come to them. :-), as well as the out of town influencers who are
thrilled to be able to meet the depth of Bay Area talent, all in one
place, in a location they love to visit. Since posting the event to
Facebook on Monday https://www.new.facebook.com/event.php?eid=21018391099 ,
close to 100 folks have already RSVP’d that they’re going to make it, and
we are thrilled at the ticket sales so far. 🙂 The earliest bird highly
discounted pricing ends next Friday.

Initial speakers include folks like Dave Allen Nemo Designs / Pampelmoose
Blog and Label / Ex-Gang of Four Bass Player, Bob Heyman – Mediasmith,
Chief Search Officer, Steve Jang – imeem, CMO & Head of Business
Development, Ethan Kaplan – Warner Bros Records, VP of Technology, Rachel
Masters – Ning, VP of Strategic Relationships, Jack Moffit – Speeqe, CEO /
Chesspark, CEO & Lead Developer / IceCast Streaming Media Server, Creator
/ Xiph Foundation, Co-Founder, Sean O’Connell – Music Allies, Founder &
CEO, Dave Ulmer – Motorola, Sr. Director Multimedia Products and Services,
Carnet William – Sprout, Co-Founder & CEO, Brian Zisk – SanFran MusicTech
Summit, Executive Producer / Future of Music Coalition, Technologies
Director, and we’ll be updating the site soon with many more panelists.

So what is the secret sauce? Besides the focus on San Francisco and a
fabulous venue, we go for the most interesting and influential folks in
the field who have a great overview on all sides of the issue, whom are
known to be open to new people and views, and who are straightforward and
willing to call bullshit when they see it, especially, if they are
involved in it. 😉 Our aim is to get panelists talking about what is
interesting to them, as that will always be of interest to the high level
folks in the audience, and then allow plenty of time structured to be
conducive for dealmaking and meeting friends, old and yet to have been
met. We’ll also be repeating our elevator pitch session, where a whole
bunch of interesting companies can let others know what they’re up to, as
long as it can be done in 60 seconds or less.

Great examples of the panels can now be found on the video player at
https://www.sanfranmusictech.com , and more will be added shortly. If we
get a video sponsor for the next Summit, we’ll do this much more
professionally next time.

Any inquiries, comments, questions, feel free to ask, either here, or

All the best, and hope very much to see you there…

Brian Zisk


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