Oct 5 2012
Sabor De Mexico Lindo – A Taste of Beautiful Mexico- Downtown Festival – Huntington Park


A Taste of Beautiful Mexico
20th Anniversary Presentation
“Sabor De Mexico Lindo – Downtown Festival” celebrates its 20th Anniversary this
year. “Sabor De Mexico Lindo” is a family-oriented Downtown Festival. This year the
free to the public Festival makes its 20th consecutive appearance. Originating in 1992
to an audience of approximately 65,000 people, this year, “Sabor De Mexico Lindo” is
expecting to attract approximately 500,000 People to its Special-Festival Celebration.
The “Sabor De Mexico Lindo” Festival is an annual cultural
celebration that pays tribute to the culture and
heritage of Mexico, through music, dancing, food, displays,
arts and crafts. This year the Festival will be presented
on October 5, 6 and 7, 2012.
Throughout the seventeen years of the Festival’s history,
as the popularity and attendance of the Festival has
grown, so has its size and quality look. Today, “Sabor
De Mexico Lindo’s” set-up encompasses twelve cityblocks
of Pacific Boulevard in the heart of the downtown
area. The Festival brings together more than 150
Commercial, food, arts and crafts and corporate exhibitors, displays two Major Concert-
Stages with Professional Entertainment, a free health fair, two amusement and carnival
areas, a petting zoo, plus Menudo Contests and food samplings. This year the success
of the “Plaza de Mariachi” returns for its fifth outing, also the restaurants and residents
competing in the two “Menudo Cooking Contests,” plus the children’s handmade
Piñata judging-contest. For three days and nights, the Festival opens its doors to
the public free-of-charge.
Currently, with an annual attendance of approximately 500,000 visitors, approximately
80% of the Festival’s population is of Hispanic Ancestry. The balance of the Festival’s
attendees is a combination of Anglos, African-Americans, Asians and others. The median
age of the Festival visitors is 22 years of age with a family of four. It truly is today’s
“Capital of the Hispanic Testing-Market.”
“Sabor De Mexico Lindo – Downtown Festival” is prominently recognized today by the
California State Board of Tourism as a major California Festival. It is also prominently
recognized by La Opinión Newspaper, KMEX – Channel 34, KVEA – Channel
52, KAZA – Channel 54, plus the other Los Angeles area major network televisionstations
and the vast media in general.
In addition, the County of Los Angeles also recognizes “Sabor De Mexico Lindo” as an
Official Event of “National Hispanic Heritage Month.”
As the host city, Huntington Park houses one of the largest and busiest outdoor regionalshopping
centers of Southern California along Pacific Blvd., where the entire Festival is
set up. It is located five-miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles in the County of Los


Nine City Blocks of Family Festivities are Celebrated at the Annual
Hispanic Festival in Downtown Huntington Park – Los Angeles
County – CA, as a Tribute to “National Hispanic Heritage Month.”
“Sabor De Mexico Lindo – Downtown Festival” attracts
approximately 500,000 people during its three-day
The Festival is created on nine-continuous downtown
city-blocks on Pacific Blvd. from Florence Ave. to
Randolph St. in Huntington Park, California, five miles
southeast from downtown Los Angeles.
Surveys indicate that the attendees travel to the annual
Festival from the counties of Ventura, San Diego,
Riverside, Santa Barbara, Orange and Los Angeles. The
average attendee travels to the Festival within a 25-mile
The median age of the attendees is 22 years-old. Thirtythree
percent (33%) of the Festival attendees are between
the ages of 22 to 35. Forty-five percent (45%) of
the attendees are between 36 to 55 years of age. The
majority of the individuals attending is female.
The Festival attracts an average family of four members
with a median household-income of $34,000.00.
The Festival is open to the public free of charge. It provides
samplings, new-products promotions, health checks,
nutrition family planning and numerous free services.
*Note: This information
is according to the 2012
Festival Family Survey
taken at the Downtown
– 20th Anniversary CELEBRATION –
“Sabor De Mexico Lindo” begins its solid media promotions
two months prior to the Festival’s opening.
The following is a breakdown of the Festival’s Media
• 30 Television Spots: $40,000
• 30 Radio Spots: $18,000
• 20 Full & Quarter-Page Newspaper Ads: $24,000
• Sponsor Name Designated Stage: $35,000
• 50 Vertical Double-Face Banners: $30,000
• 6 Horizontal Double-Face Banners: $ 7,500
• 500 Color Posters & 3,000 Printed
Color Programs: $ 8,250
TOTAL VALUE: $162,750
NOTE: This valuation does not include the impressions
value of three festival promotional mail-out flyers
and news releases that include the sponsor’s logo and/
or name.
This year the Festival has several radio stations scheduled
in support of its 2012 presentation. Included are
Super Estrella, La Raza, ¡Oye!, K-EARTH and KOST.
The television promotions and advertising is scheduled
to be provided by Telemundo – KVEA Channel 52.
Past participants have included KVEA-Channel 52,
KWHY Channel 22 and Azteca TV-Channel 54.
Both daily and weekly publications have agreed to promote
this year’s Festival with display ads, editorial copy
and photographs. To date, these publications are La
Opinión, Los Angeles Times, Impacto, Long Beach
Press Telegram, El Aviso, Latino Semanal, Orale USA,
El Clasificado and The Wave Newspapers. Other
publications that will also run Festival Display Ads are
pending final negotiations.
– 20th Anniversary CELEBRATION –
The “Sabor De Mexico Lindo – Downtown Festival”
sponsors run the gamit of yearly sponsors that vie for
either an exclusive or semi-exclusive, high-profile exposure
to Approximately 500,000 Festival attendees,
plus, an additional two-million people through the Festival’s
extensive media-advertising. Semi-exclusive
sponsors are positioned on opposite ends of the fiveblock
Major Corporate-Sponsors during the past 20 years
include Southern California Ford, Castrol GTX, General
Motors, The Home Depot, Ford Motors, Budweiser,
Ralphs, Pampers, Heineken, Coca Cola, Verizon
Wireless, Wells Fargo, Sears, Bank of America, Jarritos,
Citi Bank, AeroMexcio, La Curacao, Beechnut
and American Express.
Corporates scheduled to participate this year to date
are Southern California Ford, Verizon Wireless, Wells
Fargo, La Opinión, Lactaid, Bank of America, Charmin,
Bancomer, Splenda and Bounty with several others
pending final acceptance.
The Presenting-Platinum and Gold Festival-Sponsors
receive additional value-plus benefits. These benefits
include logo and/or name recognition on several of the
60 professional two-face vertical banners installed on
the light poles in the downtown area, plus, six two-face
horizontal banners installed at key intersections, also
installed in the downtown area.
In addition, each of the three main concert-stages will
be recognized as one of the main sponsor’s-stage.
Other value-plus benefits include, recognition on 500
color festival-posters and 5,000 Official Color Printed
– 20th Anniversary CELEBRATION –
Each year the family Festival sells out of its 140 plus, ten
feet-by-ten-feet vendor’s spaces. Each sponsor’s space is
provided with a 10’x10’ canopy, electricity and light, two
tables and four chairs.
Each of the Festival’s Sponsors is given preferred exhibitor-
space location and V.I.P. parking.
Of the 140 plus booths, approximately 80 of those are
exclusively occupied by the Festival’s Corporate Sponsors.
Additional booths/spaces are secured by commercial
businesses, arts & crafts and food vendors. The balance of
the spaces are occupied by agencies that offer free samplings,
health-screenings and public family-services.
For a detailed “Sponsor’s
Packet” or additional information
contact Dante
D’Eramo at (323) 585-1155
o r v ia e-mai l a t
An Annual Tribute to “National
Hispanic Heritage Month”.
California’s Largest Three-Day Hispanic
Friday… 5p.m. to 11 p.m.
Saturday… 11a.m. to 11 p.m.
Sunday… 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
– 20th Anniversary CELEBRATION –

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