Oct 22 2011
Occupy Wall Street Comes to Pasadena, CA

Supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement, many of who share the same views as those at the OccupyLA protests that have been taking place for weeks, took to the streets of Pasadena on Friday afternoon to protest what the banks are doing to consumers.
At Lake and Colorado where there are branches for Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Chase, (Citibank is down the street) the protestors encourage consumers to make the switch from big corporate banks that are exploiting consumers to move their money to local banks and credit unions.
Now is the time to make the switch as “big banks” are exploiting consumers through fees and other practices.

Ativists Patrick Briggs and Maddie Briggs along with about 100 other protestors encouraged consumers to make the move. As the big banks took advantage of the bail outs, and in turn are reaping record profits, are still adding fees to keep inflating their bottom line for investors.
As one who is not happy about the state of the big banks, the best you can do as consumers is not invest in these big banks, and most importantly do not trust any of your hard earned money to these banks.

Credit Unions and local banks can be very competitive and are accountable on the local level, you can actually go to the local branch and speak with someone.

This trend is indicative that the shift to local continues, that people want to see and talk to someone where they deposit their money but they want the convenience of electronic banking, bill paying, etc..

Like many other consumers. I have decided that we are moving accounts to a credit union, away from the big banks.

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