Oct 22 2011
Free Unclaimed Money Search @CashUnclaimed

Did you know you were sitting on a goldmine of unclaimed cash? Okay, well maybe it’s a couch, and maybe that’s just some loose change you’re sitting on, which, if you collected it you could maybe buy a candy bar. But what if it were a goldmine? Would you just sit there without collecting it? Most people don’t realize that 9 out of 10 Americans are owed cash that sits unclaimed for years. Free unclaimed money could be waiting for you to claim it!

CashUnclaimed.com has access to the largest databases for unclaimed money in the world. There are literally billions of dollars in unclaimed money that could be yours. Who collects these untold billions is up to you!

Of course you’re saying, come on, billions? Who ever left money behind without collecting it? You’d be surprised. The unclaimed money comes from many different sources, including:

• forgotten savings and checking accounts
• uncashed checks
• securities
• dividends
• insurance refunds or claims
• oil royalties
• wages
• utility refunds/deposits
• bail bonds
• child support payments
• the list goes on and on…

Okay so the money exists, so why has no one claimed it? Most of the time, the financial instutition holding the funds can’t locate the people to whom the money is due, and so it sits.

For example, have you ever:
• moved without checking to be sure every company and person you do business with knew your new address?
• moved without getting your utility deposit refund back?
• opened a savings account as a child or for your own child and then forgot about it?
• forgot to cash a health insurance check?
• forgot to cash interest or dividend checks on stocks or bonds?
• Quit or been fired from a job and never gone back to get your last paycheck?
• Didn’t notify companies who owe you money that you have moved?

Everybody has done at least one of these things. Who do you think gets the money? The pushy boss? The lazy landlord? With CashUnclaimed.com, not anymore!

Normally it costs $29 to perform a free unclaimed money search on just one name, only one time. CashUnclaimed.com will give you UNLIMITED SEARCHES in a 30-day period for only $11. For this incredibly low price, you will receive UNLIMITED ACCESS to all of the lost cash records in the database for a full 30 days.

You are even able to search for lost money for your friends & family. So stop digging for pennies in the cushions of your couch, and try your Cash Unclaimed Money Search today!

Unclaimed Money Could Be Waiting For You To Claim It.
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