Apr 20 2010
Not just caffeine in ‘Coca Colla’ a popular new Bolivian energy drink

Every ones heard the story of Coca Cola; when it first came out years ago it contained small amounts of cocaine which had people running back to the stores for more. Well, it’s back on the shelves in the form of ‘Coca Colla’, branded with the 2 L’s to get around international copyright laws. It contains extracts of the coca plant, a mildly stimulating natural leaf, and the key ingredient of cocaine. This drink is currently only available in Bolivia and a few other South American countries.

Bolivia has undergone a few changes to their law, which may be a result of political restructuring and the arrival of their new president Evo Morales who is in favor of the legal growth of coca plants, a national symbol that he says has been in use by the indigenous Bolivian people for centuries. Not only is it freely added to soft drinks, but production of the coca plants by local farmers is now encouraged, to top it off Evo Morales has decided to kick out the U.S. DEA agencies that were operating inside the country.   

The U.S. is worried about the possibility that all of that fresh coca leaf will be used to produce cocaine and supplied to America, the largest consumer of this class A drug. On the other hand the plant is used in ceremonies, as a health tonic and in many other aspects of Bolivian life, who are we to tell them what they can do on their own soil.

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