Apr 21 2010
1. Google introduces its new Print Cloud application

The Google.com Company hasn’t been in top form recently, as other online companies like Face book, twitter and a few of the search engine sites like ask.com are gradually gaining momentum and popularity. Recently Google’s attempts to enter into China’s market and make a name for themselves there were disastrous; they placed 2nd under the popular Chinese search engine Baidu.com. To add to this spate of bad luck several of their online applications have failed, in particular the Google videos site, which was setup in an attempt to replace YouTube as a popular community video sharing website. Though having said that they are still ranked top on the leader board for the most popularly used search engine and are still pulling in increasing yearly profits of over 6 billion U.S. dollars, so don’t give up on them just yet.

Google plans to release a new internet application service called ‘Cloud Print’, which will enable users to print documents, forms, applications, interesting websites or images from anywhere in the world. What you need is a wireless computer that connects via a router or through your computer; then you can send and print information and pictures from you mobile phone, a computer with an internet connection or directly from your email box. There will no longer be any need for printer drivers, as the document will be fed through the Google cloud print service which will contain a large list of print format convertors. If you’re worried about having an old printer, Google will supply a desktop client that can easily access any printer model on the market.

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