Jul 17 2013
Marriott Reservation Confirmation Email Malware Virus Warning @Marriott Booking system has been hacked

Houston Marriott Westchase Reservation Confirmation Email Virus Warning

Getting false Marriott reservations? Their booking system has been hacked, rep told me. Links to phishing attack.

Beware of ay emails you receive that are suspicious. Especially ones from Marriott which are for reservations you did not make.

Reports are coming in that the email is false and has malware/virus links. The Washington Post is now reporting that Marriott is the victim of a phishing scheme.  So far there is no consistent story here. System hacked, phishing scheme, which is it?  Here is the link to the Washington Post.

I have one of these emails and it shows a link as


www.kreitner.at/ is the first clue that there is a problem. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK INTO YOUR BROWSER.

The best course is to go directly to the hotel website and check on your reservation.

If you receive the one for the Houston Westchase hotel:


Marriott Hotels & Resorts Houston Marriott Westchase 2900 Briarpark Dr.,
Houston, Texas 77042 USA Phone: 1-713-978-7400 Fax: 1-713-735-2726

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