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Marriott Reservation Confirmation Email Malware Virus Warning @Marriott Booking system has been hacked

 Houston Marriott Westchase Reservation Confirmation Email Virus Warning Getting false Marriott reservations? Their booking system has been hacked, rep told me. Links to phishing attack. Beware of ay emails you receive that are suspicious. Especially ones from Marriott which are for reservations you did not…

1 in 3 Crimes Involve Phone Thefts

 As many have been victims of phone theft, now we learn that approx 1 in 3 crimes involve the theft of a phone. This is shocking and to learn what companies and legislators are doing to combat and make phone crimes less profitable is key….

Find Out About Sex Offenders Living In Your Area @kidslivesafe

    Today’s world can be a very scary and dangerous place for our children.  We hear stories almost daily on the news about abductions and sexual assault.  For most of us, we think it will never happen to our family, or “not in our…