Mar 30 2014
L.A. Kitchen – Partner with regional farmers and produce suppliers @thelakitchen

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L.A. Kitchen is ready to launch a revolution! Please join us on May Day for our ‘Demo/Cation,’ as we prepare to demolish old approaches to feeding and uplifting Los Angeles, and begin construction of our new 20,000 square foot, two-story, processing kitchen where we’ll pioneer new ways of Empowering, Engaging and Nourishing this great city. If you wait until May 2, you will need to wear a hardhat!

Join us at our BRILLIANT new space at 230 W. Ave 26. Meet some of our key partners who are helping make this exciting new enterprise a reality, and learn about the pilot programs we’ll be launching this spring.

The future is coming L.A., and it’s in the Kitchen. Come see it now!

L.A. Kitchen will partner with regional farmers and produce suppliers to purchase or recover fresh fruits and vegetables, and transform it into nutritious snacks and meals that will strengthen the community. L.A. Kitchen’s job training program will prepare unemployed individuals, particularly youth aging out of foster care and older adults exiting the prison system, build careers in the culinary industry. The meals prepared by our staff, students, and an army of volunteers will be distributed to area social service agencies, concentrating on programs that support our aging population.

L.A. Kitchen will reclaim healthy, local food that would otherwise go to waste, and use it to empower, nourish, and engage the community.



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