Jul 24 2012
Home Shopping Gofer It!

Whether you’re a busy parent desperately trying to balance the household needs with the needs of your children, the stretched professional with barely enough time to get home from the office and flop into bed before the next day comes around, or you just have better things to do with your time, home shopping is a fantastic solution to take the hassle out of shopping for the essentials.

With the rapid expansion of the internet and its endless possibilities, remote online shopping and delivery not only became a possibility, but actually became a possitive benefit for all manner of people. No longer do you have to fight your way through the busy store, angry and frustrated…..now you can get everything you need from the comfort of your own home.

mygofer.com is a prime example of how this possibility has been developed and refined into a truly twenty-first century solution.

Goods are easily found in a number of different categories including; Food & Grocery, Prescriptions, Health & Wellness, Beauty, Baby & Nursery, Pet food & Supplies, as well as Other Departments and you simply drop them into your personal list (online shopping cart) ready for the checkout.

You can personalise your account details, receive cash  bonuses by refering a friend, connect via your mobile and even connect with mygofer.com via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube!

Wherever you are in the country, simply enter your zipcode and mygofer.com will do the rest.

The technology is here…..use it and make your life that little bit simpler!


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