Jul 24 2012
Travel Tips For Foreign Students

Amsterdam is one of the cities that are worldwide known and there are many reasons for this. First of all it is known as the European capital of fun. But on the other hand it is also known with its great universities and this is why, except for the fun, there are thousands of foreign students. I admit that in the beginning it is a bit of shock depending on the country you are coming from but anyway it is good to know a few tips and trick when you are going to live and study in Amsterdam. First of all, you need to find a place to stay. I don’t know how much money you have got but I know that there are many rich students here. Some of them prefer to stay at hotels simply because they have everything they need there – room service, food, wi-fi and so on. Of course if you want to lead a life like this you have to be rich. If you are not – then I would recommend you to find a nice apartment and rent it. Make a quick research on internet and you will find out that there are numerous good offers varying on price, location, amenities and size. Make your mind and find the one that meets your expectations. Apartment Amsterdam can be easily found, in fact easier than apartments in Split. If you don’t believe this then you can make a comparison on prices on internet and you will see what I’m talking about.

The next thing you need to pay attention to, and probably as important as the accommodation, is the transport. If you have a personal car everything will be easier, but let’s assume that you don’t. Then you will need to use the public transport, which by the way is well developed in Amsterdam. The whole infrastructure is highly-developed and you will be able to reach almost every point of the city without worrying. As a beginning it may be good to buy a map of Amsterdam and use it. I would recommend you to do this at least for the first two or three weeks.

By the way if you intend to use the public transport you might want to consider the idea of getting a discount card. Sometimes the discount can reach up to 40%.

I guess these are the most important tips. Of course I can say a few words about the food. The topic is a bit complicated but as a whole you have to know that there are places selling cheap and delicious food which is great for students. On the other hand you can always find expensive restaurants where you can take your dates and so on. I hope I have helped you with this information and I hope you will have a great time in Amsterdam.


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