Jul 5 2012
Got Something Special? Commit It To Paper…..er…..Canvas

With the digital era in full swing we welcomed in the digital camera, the camera phone, even the laptop with an inbuilt camera and more people than ever were capturing their most intimate and cherished memories for prosperity. What we perhaps didn’t forsee was the death of the printed image. Gone are the 6″ x 4″ glossy photo’s, gone are the bulky photo albums with the awkward sticky fixings and nearly see through protective paper between the leaves and gone are the large scale blown up pictures we all secretly hoped one day we’d capture.

No one should stand in the way of progress, but isn’t this very much like putting all of your eggs in one basket? What if you drop the laptop, loose the sim card or have the phone stolen? Every cherished memory gone in a flash. Also, no matter how big and fancy your laptop screen is, you’re never going to see a portrait staring back at you and chances are it’ll be sideways on and need flipping through 90 degrees anyway!

Canvas4Life is a company that has welcomed the future with open arms, but still embraces the past, giving you the best of both Worlds. Simply upload your favourite images and send them through to Canvas4Life, who will build your very own custom canvas. In short you can harness todays technology, but produce something that will last a lifetime. You can also benefit from a whole host of free items such as:

A FREE money back guarantee

FREE PhotoPerfect technology

FREE choice of coating – matte or satin

FREE shipping

FREE gallery wrapping

FREE choice of frame depths – 0.75″, or 1.5″

FREE instant online image quality detection checker  


Don’t leave your memories to stagnate on a memory card, let them out and let them be enjoyed again and again with a simple visit to Canvas4Life

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