Jul 5 2012
A Shining Light As You Attempt To Navigate The Financial Aid Process

It’s a well known fact that further education consistently leads to better paid jobs and better paid jobs gives you more money to finance the things that really matter in life. Sure, there’s no guarantee that an extended period at college or university will definately lead to the career of your dreams, but it definately sweetens the odds in your favour.

Unfortunately, it is also well known that a college education doesn’t come for free, (very much a case of you don’t get something for nothing!) Rather than letting that be a barrier to your personal progression, a host of options are available to help today’s young people finance their future career aspirations and Financial Aid is one of them.

By submitting your FAFSA, (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form you can quickly determine whether you are eligable for Grants, Scholarships, Work Study or Federal Loans and why each option is or isn’t available and applicable to you.

The system has been set up so that it doesn’t penalise the lowest earners and so that finances are not a barrier to entry into a further education establishment. That’s not to say that those would-be students with a bit more financial security can’t benefit from assistance as well.

Federal Loans are set up with students in mind and allow the applicant to benefit from loans at lower interest rates, with longer repayment periods so the money benefits you while you study and the repayments are managable when you have graduated so that they don’t act as a poisoned chalice while you complete your courses.

This straightforward infographic further details everything you will need to know about the Financial Aid Process

Be all you can be without letting finances ruin your dream. Research Financial Aid and look forward to a brighter future


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