Oct 25 2014
Google Inbox – Invite New Email Platform #googleinbox Invites in eBay

Google is introducing something new. It’s called Inbox. Years in the making, Inbox is by the same people who brought you Gmail, but it’s not Gmail: it’s a completely different type of inbox, built to fit your life.

If you have a Gmail account, send an email to inbox@google.com to be put on a list.

Inbox by Gmail is a whole new experience designed by the Gmail team to help you stay organized and get back to what matters. Learn more on the Official Gmail Blog.

If you’re a new user of Inbox by Gmail, welcome! If you haven’t already, take a look at some of the key features:

Bundles: Do you spend a lot of time organizing your emails? Inbox automatically bundles related emails (like Promotions) together so you can review and deal with them all at once. You can bundle your own labels too.

Highlights: Inbox highlights what you need to know without even opening the message. This includes photos, events, flights, purchases, and more.

Reminders: Have you ever sent an email to yourself to remember something? Now you can add your own Reminders to the top of your inbox to help you get things done.

Snooze: Inbox lets you Snooze emails or Reminders until you want to deal with them: next week, when you get home, or whenever you choose.

Inbox works with Gmail, so your messages, labels and filters (to name a few) will all be there. Inbox is not a replacement of Gmail, it’s a completely different experience to help you tackle the problem of how to manage your inbox.

Also, you can search on ebay as there are invites being sold ranging from $15 to $200.
Google Inbox Invite Ebay

Here’s the official video from Google on inbox.


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