Oct 22 2011
TEDxPasadena in Altadena – TEDxPasadena: CREATING THE FUTURE

Note: Update, today is the day, starting at 9am the TedxPasadena gets started, we will be reporting later in the day with updates on the event.

If you’ve ever watched a TED Talk, and have fantasized about being a TED talker yourself because you have an “outside the box” idea or an idea worth spreading, please consider attending the local TED talk here in Altadena on October 22.  Ellen Snortland will be speaking on her life’s mission, the basis of my book “Beauty Bites Beast.”

Here’s the link to buy tickets:


It’s probably safe to say that TED Talks won’t get much closer to you geographically than this!



Thriving * Contribution * Sustainability
October 22, 2011
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

What kind of world do you want to live in? What kind of community? How can we all play a role in creating and sustaining positive transformation? The future is ours to create through our vision, energy, expertise and support. On October 22nd, TEDxPasadena will bring together mindful people who are inspired by big ideas. Our goal is to foster new relationships and dialogues among a network of kindred spirits who want to change themselves, change their communities, and change our world for the better. We invite you to join us in this collective experience.

With informative live talks from ambitious thinkers and practitioners, the best of the TED Talks videos, and opportunities for networking with innovative and engaged leaders, TEDxPasadena will address three tracks for CREATING THE FUTURE:

1. Thriving – Being “normal” or “average” is no longer the goal when we all have the opportunity and means to thrive. How do we push the boundaries of possibility to promote the vigorous growth of ideas, conscious prosperity, abundance, and methods for making real progress towards sustainable goals? How do we actively cultivate a 21st Century world where individuals, communities and the planet flourish in a win-win paradigm?

2. Contribution – Contributing to community is good, like giving to charity. But current thought leadership suggests a different perspective: contributing with community. This model of giving explores the power of developing partnerships for mutual benefit, creating opportunities and synergy for positive change, and discovering new ways to leverage resources. How can strategic and unlikely coalitions lead to enriched modes of contribution?

3. Sustainability – Technology may be out-pacing wisdom as our planet changes more rapidly than expected. What do we want the future to look like, and how do we, as part of the global community, shape a way of life that will be sustainable for the human race and our planet?

Find a thought, find a community, find a pathway to action that will make a positive difference in the world – that’s what TEDxPasadena is about.

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TEDxPasadena – Where Change Happens at the Speed of Thought

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