Feb 25 2011
Cheap Ink & Toner from TonerBoss.com

I have a theory that printers are built in hell and sent to earth to torment us. The damn things always have the most obscure and errors and the most unhelpful support, as well as tons of bloatware. But for all their evil, nothing compares with printer ink cartridges. I am certain that these things must have the largest mark up price since McDonald’s French fries. They cost a bleeding fortune for what they are, and finding decent ones on a discount that wont ruin your printer is an adventure in and of itself.

Well, those days are coming to a close thanks to TonerBoss.com.

Tonerboss.com is an outlet for high quality printer ink cartridges for a wide range of printers from HP to Okidata and everything in between. Many of their products are sold at almost half the retail price, making them cheap, effective and useful. Also, add to that the fact that shipping is charged at a flat rate across an entire order, and if you were prepared to spend as much as you would on regular print cartridges, you can almost double your stock at the cost of a single round of ink!

Tonerboss.com have an easy to navigate, well designed website accredited with all the safety features you would expect from a top quality online store, and accept all major cards as well as paypal.

Tonerboss.com, the savings are in black and white.

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