Feb 25 2011
Arrowoutlet- 90% off named braned electronics!

What would you say if I told you that you could top brand electronics at over 90% off the retail price? And no, it doesn’t involve buying them off the back of a truck! Well, thanks to arrowoutlet.com, you can do just that.

Arrowoutlet.com is an auction website unlike any other. Thanks to their unique bidding system, they can offer you top quality products at fractional prices. Their system is simple and elegant- you register a free account and purchase a set number of bids at 50 cents each (less if you buy them in bulk) and then bid on any item that you want to purchase, from cars to iPads to mobile phones. Each bid placed ups the final asking price of the item by a small amount. If you where the last person to place a bid, you win the item at the final cost. Of course, you need to keep an eye on the auction as each new bid sets the timer back, so you can’t simply ‘bidsnipe’ the product away. This is a big advantage over other auction websites, where your desired product can be whisked away at the last moment.

Thanks to the fact that every person who bids contributes to the cost of the item, the total cost of the product is dramatically reduced, meaning you can obtain it for a bare fraction of the retail price. You only pay for your bids, plus the final amount the auction ended at.

Arrowoutlet.com- over 90% off the retail price of top brand goods.


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