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P2P Lending and Borrowing with Prosper and Lending Club

 More and more people are starting businesses everyday and with that comes a need for financial assistance. In the current economy, banks are less likely to approve your loan request unless you have stellar credit and have a top notch business plan, why not try…

Prosper vs Lending Club – How are they different?

 For the investors, both the Prosper and Landing Club are equally popular. But many assume that both fix their interest rates in the same way but this is not so? Prosper’s way is very similar to the way Ebay performs its auction, whereby the interest…

Police raid RNC protest site

  I trust you’ve been following the story of an NYPD officer shoving a bicyclist to the ground. Read the NYTimes article and definitely watch the video: Now this from Digby Diehl ( Dozens Detained Ahead of Convention (NY Times, 8/30) Police raid…