Jan 29 2017
Bistro Planet – Discover The Food Truck Universe – Promo Code @bistro_planet #techmunch

Imagine the best food trucks at your fingertips

Bistro Planet was one of the sponsors of TECHmunch LA conference held this past weekend at Cross Campus Santa Monica, with dozens of prominent food and media specialists.

The experienced team at Bistro Planet is positioned to leverage a missed opportunity.

The management/founder team includes Aleksey Klempner, Ramin Azizi, and Roie Edery.
Bistro Planet is also hiring for a variety of positions, including customer service, UX, etc. See the openings here.

Bistro Planet is The Food Truck App: see gourmet food trucks close by, order ahead, skip the lines and enjoy. So click on this link to claim $15 off your first 3 orders.

If you download the app, use the promo code 626food to save $15 off your first 3 orders.

Bistro Planet offers an app which allows you to make purchases from food trucks that are local to you, and not have to wait in line, which is usually one of the challenges with food trucks, is the wait.  Because orders are prepared as they are received Bistro Planet the process is much smoother.

Some quick facts about the food truck industry.
– 10,000 food trucks nationally
– Over 600 in the Los Angeles area
– Over $3 Billion in annual sales
– Customers include all demographics

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