Jan 30 2017
Trump Immigrant Ban Moves Large Corporations to Create Crises Fund and Protests #letthemin

Trump has been treading on a slipper slope since he took office, and now seems to be the most dramatic move involving banning Muslims or people from select countries from entering the US. I you are from one of the countries being banned, you should not leave the US. As it is likely you may not be able to get back home.

Trump’s executive order is being challenged by the likes of the ACLU and countless attorneys across the nation.

With many protests taking place, the largest at JFK and LAX, causing traffic jams and delays.  Police in riot gear have to show up to keep the orders. Over 7000 protesters at LAX.

In response to Trump’s ban, many companies including Starbucks, Google, Microsoft, Apple, have all responded to oppose the ban.

Even actors are making statements at the SAG awards.


Countries currently on the ban list, include Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Somalia. This is being called a temporary ban, until a so called process is created. Keep an eye Trump as he continues to sign orders which impact us all.

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