Oct 14 2012
Best Buy Price Match Policy Review Experience @bestbuy

Here’s my recent experience with a Best Buy attempted purchase, which I was not pleased with the way the Best Buy employee and the manager who I asked to come to explain why the process was so dysfunctional.

I made the purchase online for store pickup last night. The item was a MacBook Pro. After making the purchase I noticed that the price was lower at a local and online store, Fry’s. I verified that the item was the exact same model and configuration and that it was in stock and available for pickup.

I went to the store this morning and asked to pickup the item and asked for the price match. The rep said they could not help me with price matching for purchases made online. That in itself was bad enough. I said, ok how about cancel the online order and I would make the purchase at the store. She stated that she would have to check stock. I said, the item I purchased is right there. I handed her the printouts show that Fry’s had the same product configuration and it was in stock. She then proceed to answer incoming calls, and was basically ignoring me. I asked her associate what was going on. This is now 15-20 minutes that I am standing there trying to figure out what they are doing. I ask for the manager of the store. He comes over and is arrogant and rude and basically asks what is the problem. I tell him that the experience I am having is horrible. That it should not take this long to check online for a price match and if they have to call the store to verify it should not take this long. Meanwhile I have no idea what the representative is doing, for all I know she could be playing poker on the computer, she answers another store call. I ask the associate if she can help me. I get nothing. The manager walks away and I am standing there, wondering what is happening. I tell the rep, excuse me but if you are not able to help me I would like to cancel the online and everything you are doing, and I want my license and credit card back. Cancel all my orders and give me back my paperwork. I tell them I can go right to Fry’s and pickup the item for less money and better customer service!
People there are choices and this type of experience does not bode well for Best Buy. A price match is a price match. There are others who do not care if it is online or offline. Especially as the holiday season approaches competition will be heavy and businesses do not want to be caught playing the bait and switch game. You can say you are doing a price match and they say the online is different that the offline, I ordered online and picked up at the store, what difference does it make, it is still Best Buy!

Perhaps other Best Buy stores offer better customer service experiences, I have been to this Pasadena store in the past and have had mixed results. The store has been remodeled but they forgot to upgrade the customer service experience.

The manager who came over Richard Avila, is really a customer solutions manager, surely is in need of training. You don’t treat customers they way he did, he basically offered no solution to the situation, and walked away…

I need to verify that my order was in fact cancelled. Why would anyone tolerate this type of behavior from a store?

I have checked and the order still shows processing. So the rep did not do as I asked. ┬áThe product is now available at less than I purchased it for last night. $1099 vs $1139, Fry’s has the same item at $999.

For those at Best Buy:

Here’s the item at Fry’s for $999:


Here’s the item at Best Buy for $1099, which was $1139 when I ordered.


General Manager
Melissa Noriega

Customer Solutions Manager
Frank Alvarez
Richard Avila

Operations Manager
Tim Ngo

Product Process Manager
Stevie Navarro

Best Buy pasadena store horrible customer service did a pickup order and they are taking forever @bestbuy

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