Feb 25 2011
Charlie Sheen Tirade Shuts Down Show & 200 people out of work

Charlie Sheen Tirade Shuts Down Show 200 people out of work.

Nice going Charlie Sheen. The troubled actor who was making 2 million per episode just couldn’t keep his mouth shut, now 200 people are out of work.
All over a radio interview where he lambasted his “boss” Chuck Lorree, calling him a few things that would probably get anyone fired.

So CBS and Warner have shutdown production of the remaining season. Who knows if it will be started up again.

For those who are fans of Charlie Sheen, this may be a wake up call. Perhaps Charlie is heading down the same road as Mel Gibson, loose lips sink ships.

What is next from actors who think they can get away with anything they please. That they have become oh so powerful that nothing can stop them. Well… I think they are learning their lesson.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see the billboard on the side of the Warner studios for Two & Half Men taken down or replaced.

Apparently Charlie claims he has big plans…. we wait to see what those will be.

So what happens to the 200+ people affected by the antics of Charlie Sheen?

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