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May 31 2011
Whole Foods Value Tours – Save Money with Coupons and Specials at @WholeFoods

What is VALUE?  We believe value =

High quality products + Customer Service + Competitive Prices

Products carried in our store must meet our high quality standards.  At the least that’s no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, no hydrogenated fats.

One of our core values in to satisfy and delight our customers – that’s you!  This includings being able to try something (whether packaged or not) before you decide to purchase it or placing special orders for items not carried but accessible to us.  Just ask us!

We’ve done our research to get you the best price possible.  Stick with our private label 365 – it means value everyday, 365 days a year!

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Here’s a year long resolution we can help you keep – eat healthier on a budget!

We’re ready to help you save your way to a healthier you with the newest issue of The Whole Deal value guide. Kick start your week with over $45 in manufacturer coupons, recipes, and money-saving tips and meal planners


May 31 2011
The Time for Electronic Cigarettes

Well, we all know that smoking has been there for quite a long time, its been centuries that people smoke, they smoke for pleasure, for fun and some for the peace of mind and some of them just for style. Smoking has been there for many years and now you must have seen many people made it a style. How they hold the cigarettes in style.  Well, we also know that there are many diseases associated with these smoking devices called the cigarettes. This problem has been solved with the electronic cigarettes.

Now you can purchase these electronic cigarettes from Smoketip®. These electronic ones do not need combustion for getting started. Smoketip® relies on a battery operated atomizer to release the vaporized nicotine. There are much more benefits that the Smoketip® offers. The ecigs are automatic. They have sensors to release perfect amount of nicotine when you inhale. Well, when it comes to flavors there are a lot of them also including menthol!

Smoketip® is the best, because it is lowest priced, has fast free shipping, easy to reorder, has largest flavor selection, new atomizer with each cartridge and also has the money back guarantee. There are a lot of benefits of it also, you can smoke anywhere, it is very cheap than the other cigarettes. These electronic ones will offer you the same style that the others did. So, if you are looking for cheap style and with a lot of flavors then it is time to get these electronic cigarettes.
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May 31 2011
Los Angeles Dodgers Fan Attendance Spirals Down

Los Angeles Dodgers Fan Attendance Spirals Down

About 7, 000 down per game. Attendance is way down.

Buy season tickets for less than face value?

What type of promotions will the Dodger management

May 31 2011
Spyware Malware Protection Tools

A few of the tools in my toolbox for protection against malware, spyware and more threats out there.

1. AVAST AntiVirus – avast! Free Antivirus – download

2.  SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition – download

May 30 2011
Astoria Area Kayak Trips

Astoria Area Kayak Trips

We met at the Clemintine’s Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Astoria, Oregon.

Clementines Bed and Breakfast


Dave Markham
(208) 720-3214
(800) 528-5262

On Dave’s flyer which is available at the B&B, features a Hiking in the coastal range, Biking trip, Lewis & Clark, Fort Clatsop, and Sea Kayaking, Lewis and Clark Wildlife Refuge.

If you have a special need I am sure you Dave will accommodate your group for special requests.  For instance a trip to the Young’s River Falls, which are amazing.



Guided trips offered in Astoria
Hiking in the coastal range
Lewis and Clark’s Fort Clatsop
Lewis and Clark Wildlife Refuge

May 29 2011
Join Greenopia at the 2011 Sustainable Brands Conference

Eat, Shop, Live Green Los Angeles

Sustainable Brands Conference 2011

Join Greenopia at the 2011 Sustainable Brands Conference

Greenopia is excited to attend the 2011 Sustainable Brands Conference which is taking place at the Monterey Conference Center in Monterey, California from June 7 through June 10. The purpose of the event is to help brands succeed in the environmental space and to help bring smarter and healthier products to the marketplace.

Hundreds of major companies will be represented at the conference and there are dozens of great speakers that will be presenting as well. There is bound to be of something of interest to any businesses or environmentalists regardless of their field.

Greenopia is proud to be a media affiliate of the Sustainable Brands Conference as is also excited to announce the following promotion to all Greenopia members. If you register for the Sustainable Brands Conference through the following link, you will receive 20% off the registration fee when entering the discount code below.


Sustainable Brands Registration Link
Discount Code: nwgreenopiasb11

We look forward to attending the Sustainable Brands Conference and hope to see many of our listees, users, and supporters there!



May 29 2011
How Many People Can Run on Field At a Game? Four too many with a streaker for measure at Mariners Yankees Saturday Night Game @mariners @yankees pictures #streaker

What a scene last night at the Seattle Mariners vs New York Yankees game, yes I am talking about the game, it was a great game, the Mariners beat the Yankees, in the second of the series at Safeco Field in Seattle.

The 37,000+ in attendance also got to see something that probably has never happened at a MLB game. Count them four people ran on the field during the game. Two made it to second base outfielder, the third was a cloths free nude made it quickly across the field to second base and was jumping around like he was intoxicated or possibly on drugs, the fourth, well that’s a whole scene, where the guy barely made it over the third baseline wall and must have tripped because the security was all over him like butter on pancakes.

Probably not going to be this persons proudest moment, not a Polaroid moment to say the least… Maybe a Gatorade moment…

Maybe asking the officer our for a beer after the game? All smiles why so happy?

Towel off… and off the field he goes

A Mariners fan getting escorted off the field to a patrol car to spend the night in jail and receive a hefty fine.

Look at all the people taking pictures.

The third streaker whos identity is not known, was tackled to the dirt and a Gatorade towel placed over his private parts, as he was being escorted off the field by security and sheriffs personnel the towel fell off and he continued to resist the officers restraining him.


One thing for sure, security measures are in for some review at Safeco Field.

We are happy to report that the Mariners beat the Yankees 5 – 4 in extra innings. The game ran ’til almost midnight.

Fox Sports has a picture of the streaker here:


May 28 2011
Drobo unprecedented combination of sophisticated data protection and management @drobo

Drives Fail, Drobo Doesn’t… Get yours today and save up to $150! All customers will receive $25-$150 discount on Drobo models through the provided coupon code.

Drives Fail, Drobo Doesn’t… Get yours today and save up to $150!

Drobo products provide an unprecedented combination of sophisticated data protection and management features, affordability, and ease of use, which makes Drobo a product people love to talk about.

May 28 2011
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    May 28 2011
    Weforia, the group buying community from @weforia @yellowbook

    We know local. And we love deals. That’s pretty much how weforia, the group buying community from, came together.
    We have relationships with hundreds of thousands of local businesses across the country, let’s work together to offer discounts on things we love the most!
    That way everyone wins….new customers for them and great deals for everyone! So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work and voila! Weforia was launched. We’re always working harder to bring you fantastic deals on the best places in your city and we’re growing along the way.


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