May 29 2011
How Many People Can Run on Field At a Game? Four too many with a streaker for measure at Mariners Yankees Saturday Night Game @mariners @yankees pictures #streaker

What a scene last night at the Seattle Mariners vs New York Yankees game, yes I am talking about the game, it was a great game, the Mariners beat the Yankees, in the second of the series at Safeco Field in Seattle.

The 37,000+ in attendance also got to see something that probably has never happened at a MLB game. Count them four people ran on the field during the game. Two made it to second base outfielder, the third was a cloths free nude made it quickly across the field to second base and was jumping around like he was intoxicated or possibly on drugs, the fourth, well that’s a whole scene, where the guy barely made it over the third baseline wall and must have tripped because the security was all over him like butter on pancakes.

Probably not going to be this persons proudest moment, not a Polaroid moment to say the least… Maybe a Gatorade moment…

Maybe asking the officer our for a beer after the game? All smiles why so happy?

Towel off… and off the field he goes

A Mariners fan getting escorted off the field to a patrol car to spend the night in jail and receive a hefty fine.

Look at all the people taking pictures.

The third streaker whos identity is not known, was tackled to the dirt and a Gatorade towel placed over his private parts, as he was being escorted off the field by security and sheriffs personnel the towel fell off and he continued to resist the officers restraining him.


One thing for sure, security measures are in for some review at Safeco Field.

We are happy to report that the Mariners beat the Yankees 5 – 4 in extra innings. The game ran ’til almost midnight.

Fox Sports has a picture of the streaker here:



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