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Oct 30 2010
Bad boy Charlie Sheen does it again

The big apple home of the New York Knicks and the Statue of Liberty among other things but this is where Charlie Sheen left his mark for the nth time. Trashing his hotel suite at the Plaza Hotel Sheen was apparently mad having discovered that his wallet was missing. At the very least he had Denise Richards and his two daughters witnessing the action. After the commotion that Sheen started, hotel security called the police to handle situation. Arriving at the scene they saw a naked Sheen on his room drunk and described as being emotionally disturbed. As if this was not enough Sheen was reportedly with a prostitute at the time of the thrashing. The prostitute who was found in the hotel room closet hiding and was afraid for her life as she recounts how Sheen was in a fit of rage. After everything was put in order the police gave Sheen two options either he goes in jail or find treatment in which Sheen chose the latter. You could be surprise at how Sheens antics doesn’t even affect his career as he is still earning a hefty 2 million per episode on the hit TV series Two and a Half Men.

Oct 30 2010
T.I.’s wife involved in possession of ecstasy

Even though the rapper was cleared of drug possession after he was arrested along with his wife last month, T.I.’s problems won’t go away. His wife Tameka Cottle will be charged by the Los Angeles District Attorney with possession of ecstasy. It was in September when police pulled over the couple and smelled residues of marijuana in the car which they also found small amounts of ecstasy. The charges could very well land Cottle in jail for one year. Drug charges were dropped for T.I. because he’d be returning back to jail on violating probation for the same incident. He was on probation after spending 10 months in jail for possession of federal weapons. This led to another decision by a judge in Georgia to disregard the probation after a failed drug test and his subsequent arrest. The trip back to jail would cost him 11 months behind bars. T.I. or Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. in real life was born in Atlanta, Georgia with other monikers such as T.I.P and Rubberband Man. He usually counts Diddy, Jay-Z, Young Buck, Young Jeezy and his closest friends in the business.  His most notable achievement was with his second single Whatever You Like soaring from number 71 to number 1 in a week’s time on the Billboard Hot 100.

Oct 29 2010
Venice ECO/ARTS Street Fair Electric Ave

Saturday: ECO/ARTS Street Fair
10:00am-6:00pm FREE

The entire block of Electric Avenue is roped off for an all day celebration with live music, dance performances, organic food, non-profits, and other eco-conscious vendors.
The entertainment will begin at approximately 12:30pm with Madame Chocolate, winner of the Nickelodeon Parent Picks Awards for best Childrens Entertainer 2009.  Followed by singer/songwriter Liz Eldredge on the ukelele, a showing by Capoeira-Brincadeira Viva Academy led by Fred “Jeito” James, Vida Vierra and Dani Lunn’s Swing Brazil Dance Troupe grooving to live drums, and Dance 4 Oceans performing their infamous “Plastic Trash Zombie” Thriller dance.

Non-profits, organizations and retail vendors include:

California Solar Innovations: energy evaluations and solar panels for home owners

Surfrider Foundation: for protection of the world’s oceans, weaves and beaches

Amazon Herb: Amazon superfoods, herbal supplements, natural skincare

Rebe: hand-made eco friendly apparel and accessories

Opas Soap: 100% natural vintage inspired health and body-care products

Language of Space: energy design consultants for buildings and landscapes

Heart Beet Gardening: connect people to their homes, their soil, and the food that they eat.

LastDays: certified organic street wear, alternative, and urban clothing

Venice Play Library: provides toys & games to children of all economic backgrounds
Eco By Design: waste free lunch & snack solutions for kids & adults

Screening over 35 films taking a look at the condition of life on the planet today and our choices with regard to how we live as individuals and as a society,from breathtakingly serious to delightfully funny.
Full schedule and tickets:

***We are looking for volunteers to run DVD projection for the movies this weekend, if you are interested please email or call 310-306-1854**

“This is what environmental problems look like. Environmental problems are people problems. As long as gravity still holds us here, they aren’t separate.”  Tar Creek Saturday, 9PM

Oct 29 2010
Can you sync Outlook Calendars with Google Calendar?

Today I have been researching ways to sync Outlook Calendars with Google Calendars.

Apparently they way Google Sync works is that you can only sync the default calendar from Outlook.

There are a few options:

It’s a third party tool that allows bi-directional syncing and multi Google calendars. Didn’t tried it though…

The download link:

What is Sunbird?

At this point we are going to try Windows Live, only the email component, to sync the calendar. It is supposed to allow syncing of different calendars, and the non-standard calendar.

If this doesn’t work we may have to resort to using Google Calendars.

Oct 29 2010
Bennett’s Honey Farm
We pride ourselves with producing and packing the highest Quality Honey in Ventura County.

Our Green Friendly 100% Solar Powered Facility has a Unique Retail Store. Unique in fact, that we allow our customer’s to taste the different Varieties of Honey we have available. This is what we refer to as our “Tasting Room”.  We also have a Live Working BEE Hive in our store. So come on out and bring the whole family.
We are open for business 7 days a week!
Mon. – Fri.  8 am – 4:30 pm
Sat. – Sun. 9 am – 6:00 pm

40,000 workers

Queen lives 5 years

Drones mate and die

Fillmore, CA

3177 E Telegraph Rd
Fillmore, CA 93015
(805) 521-1375
(800) 521-2889


Bennett’s Honey Farm has been in business for more than 25 years. Red and Ann Bennett started Beekeeping in 1978 and a few years later started packing their Quality Honey in Mason Jars. Bennett’s Honey Farm is a family farm operation. Where we produce, pack and distribute our fine honey.

Honey Choices Available:

Clover: Light and delicious

Sage: Mild, a Beekeeper’s Favorite!

Orange: Tastes like Orange Blossom

Avocado: Unique, Perfect for breads and  cereals

Wildflower: Rich with a little “kick”

Buckwheat: Wild California Buckwheat, a late summer bloom

Eucalyptus: Mildy sweet with an herbal flavor

Cactus: Naturally Creamy, Great as a spread.
Find us now on Facebook

Bennett’s Honey Farm,LLC      (800) 521-2889
3177 E. Telegraph Rd. (Hwy 126)                         (805) 521-1375
Fillmore, CA 93015                                             (805) 521-1365 Fax

We are open for business 7 days a week!
Mon. – Fri.  8 am – 4:30 pm
Sat. – Sun. 9 am – 6:00 pm

We would be glad to take your order by email, fax or by phone.


Office Manager: Susie L. Alvary

Accounts Receivable: Jo Ann Warnock

Wholesale Pricing is available upon request.

Oct 29 2010
Scholarships 4 working adults!! a opportunity to get financial stability!!

Studying and earning together is a big problem for people because the person who is doing both things goes through a hectic routine which will ultimately affect his/her health as well as the performance on both fronts because he/she is just unable to concentrate on something. However, scholarship4 working adults have solved this problem because now people can study as well as earn though this program. This is basically a program in which there is a lucky draw for $ 10, 000. Students as well as other people can apply for these scholarships. This program has helped a lot of people already. The draw happens on every 29th of the month and the winner is declared on the 30th. Registering for this draw is very easy as well. There is only one restriction in this program which is that a person needs to be at least 18 years old to apply for this program.

How to Register?

You can register easily for this program by visiting our website. However, the first step is to complete the simple registration forms available on website. After completing the form, get information about online and offline courses which are offered by schools. Moreover you can also get student loans as well. This is it and in just two steps you can win $10,000 to make your tough life easy this money.

Every student and working person should apply for this scholarship4 working adults program in order to maintain the financial life. One winner of this scholarship said this about our program.

“Thank you! I am the winner of the $10,000 drawing and I can now help my daughter pay for her first year in the University near our home! Plus I can pay for myself to go back to school!”

Oct 29 2010
Anna Nicole Smith moving forward

The playboy model who was apparently killed by a drug overdose in 2007 was with help that led to her death. Her ex boyfriend by the name of Howard K. Stern and a psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevic was found guilty of conspiring and giving the model the drugs for three years following Smiths death. The whole verdict was centered around the reason that the two conspirators help maintain the dependency of Smith to drugs to keep her intact with her inner circle and made her think she was in control. This when in fact it was clear that Smith was trying to stay clean at a rehab center. It includes the two coming up with numerous prescriptions under false names and directly furnishing the drugs. When you look at it makes sense as it was reported that Anna Nicole Smith was in drug induced state because of the 1, 500 pills she had consumed in a span of 1 month and this was compounded even more upon the death of her son Daniel. All of this was given much deliberation because of the testimony of star witness Larry Birkhead the father of Smiths daughter Dannielynn. This was also strengthened by a video showing Smith at the American Music Awards appeared on drugs.

Oct 29 2010
LeAnne Rimes cover magazine mistake

It is not every day that you hear an editor-in-chief of a famous magazine saying out the statement “I’m sorry” in front of its ardent subscribers. But for Valerie Latona of Shape Magazine it meant saving a lot of supporters for blurting out 2 words. It all started when LeAnne Rimes graced the Shape Magazine October issue which in turn illicited some complaints from some die hard readers that Rimes was not a suitable cover model for the said magazine because of her cheating incident with then husband Dean Sheremet which Rimes admitted openly having an affair with a married man by the name of Eddie Cibrian. While Latona acknowledged the readers reaction she explained that the whole cover was not there to glorify husband stealers but it was centered on how Rimes got strength from working out amidst her personal crisis. It was a gracious action from Latona and frankly it was a collective brainstorming effort of the whole organization to feature Rimes that gave away a natural response from the public which I think doesn’t need the apology of Latona in the first place. The whole concept of Shape Magazine is centered on health and fitness not on illicit love affairs.

Oct 28 2010
Los Angeles Pitch Slam Innovate 2010 – Skirball Center Nov 16, 2010 @innovate100

Los Angeles Pitch Slam – November 16, 2010

Join Guidewire Group in Los Angeles on November 16th for an exciting day of learning and networking as a group of talented entrepreneurs deliver their best pitch in front of a panel of guest judges in hopes of being named to the Innovate!100 list of 100 most promising startups. Spend time with 12 must-see tech startups that have been named as semi-finalists by our analyst team, and help decide who will win one of the two last-minute spots that we’re reserving for the winners of our “Quick Pitch” competition the day of the event. After a successful series of 17 Innovate!2010 Pitch Slams earlier this year in Europe that began in Zaragoza, Spain and ended in Tallinn, Estonia, as well as events in Mumbai, San Francisco & Columbia, we look forward to bringing the Pitch Slam tour to the U.S.

Startups interested in applying for a chance to present at the Pitch Slam are encouraged to submit an application online — it’s free to apply!

Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2010
Time: 1:00pm to 5:00pm, followed by a cocktail party
Location: Skirball Center – 2701 North Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049
Registration: Register to attend the Los Angeles Pitch Slam for $49



  • 1:00 PM – Welcome
  • 1:15 PM – Innovate!100 semi-finalists pitches – 5 minutes to pitch, 5 minutes of Q&A
  • 3:00 PM –  Coffee break
  • 3:15 PM –  Innovate!100 semi-finalists pitches – 5 minutes to pitch, 5 minutes of Q&A
  • 4:50 PM –  Closing remarks
  • 5:00 PM –  Cocktail reception; Winners announced

Thanks for your interest in the Innovate!2010 program. To contact us with questions, please send email to innovate (at)guidewiregroup(dot)com. You can also follow us on Twitter at @Innovate100 and find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Oct 28 2010
Noir Food & Wine Fall Lunch Offer

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