Oct 29 2010
Anna Nicole Smith moving forward

The playboy model who was apparently killed by a drug overdose in 2007 was with help that led to her death. Her ex boyfriend by the name of Howard K. Stern and a psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevic was found guilty of conspiring and giving the model the drugs for three years following Smiths death. The whole verdict was centered around the reason that the two conspirators help maintain the dependency of Smith to drugs to keep her intact with her inner circle and made her think she was in control. This when in fact it was clear that Smith was trying to stay clean at a rehab center. It includes the two coming up with numerous prescriptions under false names and directly furnishing the drugs. When you look at it makes sense as it was reported that Anna Nicole Smith was in drug induced state because of the 1, 500 pills she had consumed in a span of 1 month and this was compounded even more upon the death of her son Daniel. All of this was given much deliberation because of the testimony of star witness Larry Birkhead the father of Smiths daughter Dannielynn. This was also strengthened by a video showing Smith at the American Music Awards appeared on drugs.

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