Oct 29 2010
LeAnne Rimes cover magazine mistake

It is not every day that you hear an editor-in-chief of a famous magazine saying out the statement “I’m sorry” in front of its ardent subscribers. But for Valerie Latona of Shape Magazine it meant saving a lot of supporters for blurting out 2 words. It all started when LeAnne Rimes graced the Shape Magazine October issue which in turn illicited some complaints from some die hard readers that Rimes was not a suitable cover model for the said magazine because of her cheating incident with then husband Dean Sheremet which Rimes admitted openly having an affair with a married man by the name of Eddie Cibrian. While Latona acknowledged the readers reaction she explained that the whole cover was not there to glorify husband stealers but it was centered on how Rimes got strength from working out amidst her personal crisis. It was a gracious action from Latona and frankly it was a collective brainstorming effort of the whole organization to feature Rimes that gave away a natural response from the public which I think doesn’t need the apology of Latona in the first place. The whole concept of Shape Magazine is centered on health and fitness not on illicit love affairs.

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