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Jun 28 2009
Ford Focus vs Toyota Prius

There’s an ad on tv that claims the Ford Focus is as clean as the Toyota Prius. Is this really true? What criteria is Ford using to measure?

These are some pretty heavy claims. Are they true?

I would venture to guess that the Focus can be as clean as the Prius, if measured certain ways.
To quote this site comparison of the two vehicles:
The Ford Focus guzzles a lot of gas compared to the Toyota. The Ford Focus pales in comparison to the Toyota Prius when it comes to gas mileage. As far as MSRP, the Ford Focus costs considerably less than the Prius. The Ford Focus will cost you a lots_of_money in gasoline every year compared to the Toyota Prius.

Then there is this site which proves the claim is nonsense.

And then there is PZEV, which is not about tailpipe emissions, but fuel system emissions. Obviously, in terms of tailpipe emissions, the Focus is nowhere near as clean as the Prius, especially in terms of carbon emissions.

The Ford focus is a fine car, but portraying the Focus to be as clean as the Prius and a better deal than the Prius is largely nonsense.

What is Ford trying to do? Basically the commercial looks very similar to a Prius commercial. The ad campaigns are very similar.
Trying to copy the leader in the market. Ford…. why not make a real hybrid or even a step further a hydrogen or electric car. Do that and you will see the tables start to turn!

Here’s another story:
I drove from NY to Boston with AC and got 60 MPG. If you are curious about amazing MPG of Prius during rush hour congestion traffic, search “Prius congestion” on google video.
I made those videos just for people like you.

Jun 28 2009
Tara and the Elephant at the sanctuary

The elephant at the sanctuary that is friendly with the dog.

Tara the dog and Bella the elephant.

Jun 28 2009
power of the future

Pedal Power into Electricity
Converting pedal power into electric power.
Piezoelectric motors.

Crowd farms to collect power from the masses.

Some cool ways to generate power:

Jun 28 2009
Roberto Rossi 5-piece Knife Set – $19.99

Roberto Rossi 5-piece Knife Set – $19.99

5-Piece Stainless Steel Professional Chef’s Knife Set valued at $189.50 – for only $19.99! with a 25 Year Warranty. Rated The #1 New Gourmet Cookware Company in the US! And FREE MagicChopper with purchase… $24.99 Value!

All the professional features that chefs demand
Enjoy the pleasure of using your professional chef’s knives. Superior quality and entirely crafted by hand, you can use
them with meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, and for all cutting,
slicing and chopping. Each knife is forged to give you the
perfect weight, balance and handling. They’re made using
the finest carbon stainless steel to give the knife strength, durability and along-lasting cutting edge. And, lastly they are
stone ground, making them tapered from the back of the
blade right to the cutting edge, giving the knife an
exceptional degree of sharpness.

The set includes an 10” carving knife, a 9” bread knife with
special scalloped serrations to stop the bread tearing and
making thinner slices easy, an 8” chef’s knife, a 5” utility knife
for tasks like sandwich cutting, preparing salad and fruit, and
a 3.5” paring knife for preparing vegetables and for finely chopping herbs. They normally sell for $44.99, $44.99, $52.99, $25.99 and $20.99 each but we are giving away one set worth $189.95 to each reader on a first come basis.

Jun 28 2009
World Expo 2009: Cutting–Edge Information to Set Your Growth In Motion

Register Now!

World Expo 2009: Cutting–Edge Information to Set Your Growth In Motion

Join Us in Las Vegas!

Dear Victor Caballero,

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Program highlights include:

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Financing 101: Increase Sales Through Leasing Greg VanDeWalker, Great America Leasing Corp Aftermarket Color Theory: Meeting Today’s Technological Challenges Will Niederstadt, FGIC
MPS Marketing: Taking a Green Approach Laura Kittner, PrintFleet Inc. The Downturn-Adjusting Your Selling Strategy for Survival Scott MacKenzie, West Point Products

Don’t Miss an Exciting Frontrunner Event on Managed Print

This full-day Managed Print Summit on Tuesday, August 18 will be a highlight of Recharger Magazine’s World Expo. The summit shines the spotlight on managed print for aftermarket companies, and allows attendees to learn from a lineup of the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in managed print.

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Jun 28 2009
Jeff Koons the Artist

Jeff Koons

Has set records.  Audience is everyone!

Everyone can participate in the art.

Jeff was paid more for works than any other living artist, some 26 million for one piece alone.

Born in 1955.

Looked for a Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The art that makes us look at ourselves.

Jun 28 2009
Unlocking Apple iPhone

This really does work. Just have to follow the directions and you can unlock your iPhone to work with CDMA carriers like T-Mobile.  Although T-Mobile doesn’t have quite the coverage that AT&T has.

Ultrasn0w for iPhone 3G is ready!

1. Ensure you have upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0
2. Jailbreak your iPhone 3G using redsn0w or PwnageTool (this will also install Cydia/Icy)
3. Run Cydia or Icy
4. Please add the repo to Cydia or Icy. That last “o” is actually the number zero “0”! If you use the letter “o” you’ll get an error.
5. Search for ?ultrasn0w? in cydia or icy and install ultrasn0w
6. Reboot your iPhone 3G
7. T-Mobile USA users should disable 3G before using ultrasn0w
8. Enjoy

From :

Jailbroke successfully with a simple tutorial I found here:


Another resource:

Jun 27 2009
Garry Vacuum Review

Limited Lifetime
Zero Maintenance Warranty

Your Garry™ vacuum is warranted to be free from defects for the lifetime
of the original purchaser. If anything goes wrong with your Garry Vacuum,
we will replace it without charge to you, no questions asked (a shipping and
processing fee will apply). We will also provide you with unlimited Garry™
hypo-allergenic bags for life without charge to you (a shipping and processing
fee will apply). To obtain service under warranty or to obtain Garry™
hypo-allergenic bags, simply call our customer service center toll-free at

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the Garry™ vacuum.
In the event that the current model of the Garry™ vacuum is discontinued,
we reserve the right to replace it with another vacuum. In order to obtain a
replacement vacuum, you will be required to return your damaged Garry™
vacuum to the manufacturer. To be certain that your warranty claim can
be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible, please mail in the
warranty card provided with your new Garry™ vacuum. You may also
register on our website at

While this warranty gives you specific legal rights, you may also have
other rights which vary from state to state.

Contact Info for Warranty Service:
Garry™ by Envion™
P.O. Box 3212
Hollywood 90078

Jun 27 2009
Rhodes Orchard – Cherry – upick cherries

2009 Season Update from Rhodes Orchard in Leona Valley, CA

P1010730 by you.

Hi Victor, Thanks so much for the great Cherry Pickin blog !! Great pictures, and thanks for including us at Rhodes Orchard. We are going to run one more weekend been open every day since the 12 june, we will remain open from 8:00-3:00 thru June 28th. We are pickin the Bing sweet cherries and will direct guest to the top orchard (in the shade). Loved ur tips 🙂 Still $2.75 lb.
and no pesticide, our website is
for all info and mailing list for ur friends. We are not in the association, so you may want to also add us as seperate link like the others at the bottom of your page. Thanks for all the great advertising….still an affordable great tradition for so many families!

P1010729 by you.
Pictured from left to right: Tony Rhodes, Rhonda Rhodes, Jennifer Caballero, Victor Caballero

Rhodes Orchard
10600 Leona Ave. Leona Valley Ca. 93551
hotline: (661) 270-1569

Jun 27 2009
nicobella vegan organic dark chocolate truffles

icobella vegan organic dark chocolate truffles

nicobella vegan organic chocolate truffles are decadent dark chocolate indulgences made with a creamy ganache center that is infused with high antioxidant ingredients.

nicobella is designed for the health conscious individual providing all of the flavor without the guilt.

~ nichole dandrea

founder of nicobella
lover of all things chocolate

If you should happen to be in the Seattle, Washington area, you can stop by the Theo Chocolate Factory at 3400 Phinney Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98103.  The do a really fun tour of the facility 7 days a week.  Spaces are limited though, so be sure to call 206 632.5100 to make a reservation.

Theo Chocolate – Seattle, WA  98103


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