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Jun 30 2009

Billie Tweets website.

Jun 30 2009
BLUEHOST.COM: Announcement

This is an email I received from BlueHost this morning. It appears they are trying to do more about SPAM. But my feeling is that this service should be free as part of the hosting service.

Dear Bluehost Customer,

Its been well over a year since I have written any of you personally . A lot has changed in the last year at Bluehost. We have moved into our new 47, 000 square foot facility, have grown our team to nearly 300 people, and continue to add to and improve our services often.

I am writing today to announce a new offering that we have just added. I almost never send emails about our different product offerings, so when I do make an announcement you can believe that the product works great and does what it is supposed to do. We have just added the ability to test the Bluehost/Postini anti-spam/malware/virus filter. At Bluehost we have tried just about every anti-spam product available and far and away the best solution we have ever seen is the Postini anti-spam filter.

Here is what you get if you are willing to give it a try –

– 100% COMPLETELY FREE TRIAL – There is no automatic auto-renew, there are no trick/hidden fees,
no money to pay upfront, no credit card required – Just a real honest to goodness free anti-spam trial.
– Add anti-spam protection for up to 20 email addresses FREE(Works until the 15th of July)
– No configuration changes AT ALL on your side. Nothing to change in your email client (Outlook, etc).
– Ability to custom configure spam options if you desire. However, the default configuration is set up and ready to go for 99% of our customers.

If you have even the slightest problem with spam PLEASE try this offering. This is something that I have personally been using and use as our own spam solution at Bluehost. It works great!

When the trial period is over your email addresses will revert back to exactly as they were before you started the Postini trial. No configuration changes or steps are required to be completed by you in
any way. IF at the end of the trial you felt the product worked and you wanted to give it a try you could then choose to pay $1 per month per email address to have the service ongoing for your use, but the choice is totally up to you.

To try the free Postini trial – CLICK HERE

As always if you have questions please call our support dept 24/7 at (888) 401-4678. They can answer
all your questions about the Postini Anti-Spam service or any other questions you have regarding your

You can also visit the Bluehost User Forum at –

You are also welcome to visit my personal blog at –

Matt Heaton / President

Jun 30 2009
Nothing Bundt Cakes Thousand Oaks

Nothing Bundt Cakes in Thousand Oaks was on KTLA News.

3 different flavors are always kept.

They offer delivery

Nothing Bundt Cakes
1610 E Thousand Oaks Blvd # D Thousand Oaks, CA 91362-2973 –
(805) 446-3082

Jun 28 2009
Michael Jackson Service

The Jackson family is working on a large public service.

Michael Jackon’s tribute took place during the BET Awards.  Michael Jackson put BET on the map.  Lots of stars wanted to be on the BET Awards.

BET Red Carpet Stars at Shrine Auditorium.

New Edition: BET Awards Performances. –


Bell Biv Deco

Arsenio Hall

Sports stars and musicians

Agape Natioanl Choir – Sieda Garrett Siedah Garrett – co written with Michael Jackson. – he remains with us forever.

Jun 28 2009
Organizing Your clothes tip

Heard this one from the mother-in-law who heard it on Oprah.

So you have a hard time cleaning out your closet from clothes you don’t weay.

So here’s the tip.

Place all the clothes with the clothes hanger hook open end facing out towards you.  As you use the clothes put them back in the closet with the hook facing away.

After about 2-3 months the clothes that are left with the hook still facing you have not been used and you should seriously consider getting rid of the clothes.

Jun 28 2009
Billy Mays RIP

Billy Mays passed away today in Tampa, Florida.

He was on an US Airways flight that had a

He was on a tv for an interview.

50 years old.

Wife and two kids.

Billy was one of the most popular faces on informercials.

Jun 28 2009
State of Our Food: Monsanto – Food Inc

Just got back from seeing the documentary Food, Inc.

Great film about the state of food system and how it is controlled by large multinational organizations like Monsanto and lbp
Smithfield Packing Company
How Monsanto has been allowed to take control of soy seeds and prosecute any farmer that wants to grow their own and not use the Monsanto GMO seeds. Very frieghtening if you consider that a company like Monsanto can take control of the nations and worlds food production.

Several farmers have been sued by Monsanto for growing soy beans.

More on this subject and the Food Inc movie.

Highly recommend that everyone should see this movie.

One area that the movie touched on was that we have been insulated from the source of our food, basically that we don’t really see where it comes from.
Many of us are too busy and it is easy to just buy a burger from a fast food place that is cheap and convenient.

Obama needs to pay attention to this area more as it is a serious threat to our nations food supply.

In particular the process by which we raise cattle and they are fed corn, which is not natural like the grass fed cattle.
Ecoli bacteria and infection and life threatening disease arise from animals being raised horrible conditions with feces knee high.

Jun 28 2009
Trial Pay Get it Free Model

With TrialPay’s Get It Free model, you get your purchase for free by completing one offer from the biggest brands in the world. For example, you can get:

Jun 28 2009
Jamba Juice BOGO Buy one Get One Free

Jamba Juice BOGO Buy one Get One Free.
Jamba Juice offers a Free Smoothie with the purchase of a Smoothie (equal or lesser value) when you present this Printable Coupon which may be used through July 12, 2009.

Jamba Juice Buy One Get One Free.

Jun 28 2009
Michael Jackson Rehearsal Video

partial source from:

Taped Jackson’s Last Night Alive, Could Be CD, DVD
“We have a live album in the can, ” AEG official boasts.

Taped Jackson's Last Night Alive, Could Be CD, DVD
Rumors of a video dvd of the final rehearsals and especiall the one at Staples Center on the eve of Michael Jackson’s passing are increasing.
The show was rumored to be a huge production. With production costs estimated to be over $30 million and all dates sold out in London, with a value of $85 million.
Jackson was rehearsing at the Forum after spending several months with his dancers at CenterStaging in Burbank. John Caswell and several others have been interviewed by several media outlets.
Kerry Jensen, Danyelle Sanders, Max, and others have been interviewed by the media.
Approx 50 workers at CenterStaging had some experience either watching the fans in front of the studios and watching the caravan of vehicles driving in with Michael Jackson.
Our thoughts go to the production staff that was hard at work putting together the shows. The feat was amazing. I hope that all that hard work can be used in a tribute to Michael Jackson. A dvd release of the footage in a special commemorative edition would be a hot seller for sure.
On Amazon we see that the top 15 albums are all Michael Jackson! – Pretty amazing to see this here
Michael Jackson Sales Chart on Amazon

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50. Arguably the most recognizable entertainer in the world, Jackson is best known for the groundbreaking Thriller, which remains the bestselling album of all time. From his young stardom as the lead voice of the Jackson 5 to his adorable portrayal of the Scarecrow in The Wiz, Jackson demonstrated an incomparable talent that sparked early, burned brightly, and leaves an incalculable musical legacy behind.

Michael Jackson on Amazon


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