Mar 29 2010
Earth Hour – Lights off in response to rapid climate change

On Saturday 27th March you may have noticed that the world seemed a little darker than usual, well you’re not going blind. Hundreds of millions of people around the world have banded together in one big action, to show their awareness and concern for climate change. At about 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time large businesses, small shops and residential homeowners switched off all of their main lights for an hour in the biggest simultaneous global event ever held. This show of concern for our earth’s rapidly changing climate was officially joined by people in 88 different countries spanning 4000 cities. If you’re a fan of the national geographic channel then you may already be familiar with this event dubbed ‘Earth Hour’ it is the fourth event of its kind organized the world wildlife Foundation. The ultimate goal of this event is to draw people attention to our over use of fossil fuels and the affect of its by product (carbon dioxide) on today’s climate. The organizers of this event are pleased by the participation numbers this year, which have substantially increased since its first run in 2007. Many of the worlds most iconic landmarks and buildings joined in with the rest of the world, some of these included:

• The London Eye (United Kingdom)
• The Sydney Opera House (Australia)
• The Burj Khalifa (Dubai, tallest building in the world)
• The Redeemer Statue (Brazil)

If you’re interested in learning more about the ‘Earth Hour’ project or finding out how you can do your part to help keep our planet alive for future generations then visit the official earth hour website at

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