Jan 14 2013
Your Life in a Cloud with lifeKeep Free Account

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Your whole life is somewhere on the Internet! Photos here, documents there, and what about all those passwords? How do you keep up with it all? More importantly, is your information secure?


  Be one of the very first to discover free LifeKeep account, your secure and personal cloud account to keep all your digital Life for the long term… and beyond!

Wondering what all the hype was about – I signed up for the app and gave it a download. And now I know. Lifekeep fulfils all of the promises it makes.

That’s because consumer’s digital needs are changing.

There is more and more content to deal with, our digital life is scattered everywhere and we are switching between applications all the time. Users are sick and tired of having their behaviour analysed and being snowed under advertising.

LifeKeep is a digital vault, a personal and secure Cloud account, a comprehensive and respectful solution that capitalizes on 4G and the latest encryption technologies to bring you what you always longed for:

A secure place to archive and manage all your digital life, once and for all. LifeKeep brings to individual users the Highest level of security currently in existence, and operates as a private cloud solution.

Lifekeep does the back-up and the file conversion to new format in the future. It is the central place from where you will post pictures on Facebook, share your public albums with your friends or listen to your friends’ best music pieces.

Use Lifekeep to manage your day-to-day digital life from anywhere, retrieve securely your passwords, your PIN codes, your important documents, your loyalty program numbers, your medical records, through your iPhone or your iPad, without ever having any data on your device.

Share securely what you want to share Send files, documents, Chat, blog with your friends and only them, through Lifekeep’s secure network. Nothing is on the net, Better than dropbox, safer than Facebook, more convenient than Viber.

Handle your digital life after you are gone. LifeKeep is the only application to provide a safe way to pass on the keys to your digital life, Leave your last wishes, tell your loved ones what you want and what to do in case you were to disappear.

LifeKeep brings to individual users the highest level of security currently in existence, and operates as a private cloud solution.

Check out free LifeKeep app for more information!


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