Jan 12 2011
Xipwire, money transfer, the easy way!

These days more and more of our money is being moved about online. From E-Banking to eBay, the string of ones and zeros zipping up and down your phone line is far more important than the loose change in the bottom of your pocket, or even the bank notes folded up in your wallet!

There are two problems with electronic commerce when conducted online though- cost and safety. It’s easy to transfer money for free of course- your bank will be happy to do that for you. But good luck convincing a customer or other person to give you their bank details so you can arrange the transfer! Internet commerce is (quite rightly) riddled with paranoia, and so websites that allow you to send and receive money without giving out potentially disastrous personal information. Sadly, most of them charge a premium, either to the person sending the cash, or (more often) the person receiving it. Not quite so useful when you need to wire a friend some money for the train ticket home!

Step in Xipwire. Xipwire is a totally free to use service that requires nothing more than your account, and your telephone- and you don’t even need a smartphone for that! Xipwire can work entirely by text, meaning you don’t even need an internet capable mobile- the most basic connection will do. That said, for those of you who do have smartphones, Xipwire does have an app available to make transferring money even faster.

Xipwire- free, fast and fabuous. Set up your account today.

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