Jun 24 2008
X1 Technologies Receives US Patent for Search Efficiency


X1 Technologies Receives US Patent for Search Efficiency

PASADENA, CA – X1 Technologies Inc., the
innovator in enterprise search solutions, announced in a Tuesday press
release that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent
for X1 Technologies that provides for quick and efficient search.
Patent, No. 7,370,035, entitled Methods and Systems for Search Indexing.

The Patent covers an advanced technique for dynamically producing search results as characters are entered into a search field.

For example, as a user begins to type keywords into a search field,
the search results are generated and refined as each new character is
entered into the search field. With search performed incrementally, the
“fast-as-you-type” search results are narrowed immediately after each
character in a search string is entered. This gives the user
substantially more feedback as the search string is entered, allowing
them to decide whether to enter additional search criteria or not.

“Search has become as pervasive as the internet due to the sheer
amount of information we deal with on a daily basis,” said Bill Gross,
founder and CEO Idealab. “Having been personally involved in the
creation of the technology behind this patent, it brings both personal
and professional pride that X1 has achieved this important milestone in
changing how enterprise search is done.”

The X1 Enterprise Search Suite is a combination of products that
allow knowledge workers to search, preview and act upon data anywhere
in the enterprise from a single, elegant interface. With the X1
Enterprise Search Suite, businesses of all sizes can search virtually
everything that exists on the PC and server along with over 400 file
types and applications, including email solutions such as Microsoft
Exchange and Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, Symantec Enterprise Vault
and Lotus Notes/Domino.

“The issuance of this patent is a one of the keystones to X1’s
impact on the enterprise search market,” said John Waller, president
and COO of X1 Technologies. “Our goal isn’t just to make search faster,
but to innovate how search is done, which is why this and several
pending patents are key to X1’s momentum.”

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