Jan 28 2011
Wild Caught Salmon from China at Ralphs

If you are in the Los Angeles area you may have noticed that the local Ralph’s stores have wild caught salmon on sale for a very very low price $3.98/lb. How is this possible? I bought a package and looked closer at the packaging, and it was from China! Yes, Ralph’s is selling fish from China.

It should be made clear that this product is from China. You have to really strain to see the country of origin.


It’s a global market, but would you buy fish caught in China.

Was it really caught it China? Pacific Ocean?

AquaStar is packaging and selling the seafood product.

Consumer Contacts:
If you have a comment or question about Aqua Star products e-mail feedback@aquastar.com. You can also call 800.232.6280 or send correspondence to:
Customer Service
Aqua Star
2025 1st Avenue, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98121

My seafood was bad, how can I get a replacement?

Aqua Star guarantees 100% satisfaction with our products.  Please forward the following information and we will begin processing a claim to issue you a refund check.
•    Your full name
•    Your mailing address
•    Package Net Wt
•    UPC code
•    Any printed code on the package
•    Purchase price
•    Quantity purchased
•    Purchase location (store name)
•    Copy of receipt for purchase or UPC barcode cut from package (REQUIRED FOR REFUND, photographs are ok)
The receipt or barcode may be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to:
Aqua Star
Attn: Consumer Affairs
Fax: (206) 956-1045


Customer Comments
• E-mail us by clicking into our Customer Comments form.
• Call us at:   (888) 437-3496
• Mail letters to:
Ralphs Grocery Company
PO Box 54143
Los Angeles, CA 90054

It turns out that the Wild Pacific Salmon is a product of China. The fish gets caught in the international waters of the North Pacific. Cut on board ship, it’s then transported to China for deboning, skin removal, portioning, then boxed, frozen and shipped. Talk about carbon footprint. All because of labor rates in China are significantly lower.

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