May 30 2014
What and Who is Behind Hidden Cash? Can You Find Hidden Cash? @Hiddencash

What and Who is Behind Hidden Cash? Can You Find Hidden Cash?  @Hiddencash

According to the twitter profile:

An anonymous social experiment for good ☼ Real Cash hidden around SF & beyond. Find the $ – share tweetphoto + tag


So what is all this about, with the latest hidden cash location was in Burbank at the Empire Center, where hundreds of people convened to hunt for was hundreds if not thousands of dollars hidden in bushes and other locations around the outdoor mall complex.

You can read about the reason that the person behind this is doing what they are doing and other similar movements around that are similar here.  The frenzy that started in San Francisco and has spread, started with a tweet and blog posting on May 22, 2014.

Are businesses concerned with these type of events where people could get hurt or cause property damage in the process. Is it legal for an individual to hide cash and then tweet about it and have hundreds of people decent on a location? Should cities be aware of these type of events, much like a flash mob of sorts.  Maybe a cashmob…

More details will evolve over time on this movement, but there have always been philanthropist who donate money to the needy, like the “skid row santa” who hands out $20,000 every holiday season.


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