Jul 21 2013
Web Hosting Companies Review From Best to Worse

Many of us are on the search for the best and least expensive web hosting companies.

There are dozens of players in the space, some are large and have great tech support, some web companies are large and have horrible customer support.

Some of the companies I have had experience is what I want to share today.

FatCow: According to their Yelp reviews, they get 1 star, which if the reviewers could, they would probably give 0 stars. If you never have problems, or if you just never happen to notice there is an issue with your web hosting account, then you probably ok with the hosting.

If you have an issue who can you call? 888.278.9780 and ask for supervisor, it appears that FatCow uses chat and phone support from India.

Prajwal K: Our headquarters are in Burlington, MA, but I’m located in one of the support centers in Mangalore, India.


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