Jul 21 2013
Get Re-Mineralized Alkaline Water for a Year with a Santevia Water System

In this day and age, it is important to maintain an alkaline body to stay healthy. Most of the time, the water coming from our taps is considered acidic, which can cause issues, such as inflammation. Making sure your water is alkaline can help balance your body’s pH (which should hover around 7.35).

Santevia Alkaline Water Filtration Pack

Santevia Water Systems is helping people around the world keep a balance, healthy body with alkaline water. Their systems easily transform regular, acidic, tap water into great tasting, alkaline drinking water. Order the Santevia ‘Individual Alkaline Water Filtration Pack’ and receive an alkaline water KIT that delivers great tasting, re-mineralized and Alkaline water…for the year! Order today at Santevia.com

In addition to making your ordinary tap water alkaline, Santevia Water Systems can also help eliminate over 14,000 single-use water bottles each year. So by drinking tap water, you are helping save the environment one water bottle at a time! Santevia Water Systems will also help fight fatigue, strengthen bones, and boost your metabolism.

But Why Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water has a number of benefits when compared to ordinary drinking water. You will stay healthy, you’ll live longer, and you’ll be stronger! The body is natural alkaline at 7.35pH, so helping keep it that will help the body heal and stay in balance.

There are a number of things, in addition to drinking alkaline water, that can help your body stay in balance. Installing a Santevia Water System is the first thing you should do, second, get plenty of exercise daily. You’ll also want to make sure you are eating plenty of green vegetables!

The Santevia Water Systems are easily the most cost effective solution when looking for an alkaline water solution. The systems are also eco-friendly, so you will be helping the environment and your family’s health all at the same time. The systems also add in much needed minerals, minerals that are often recommended by the World Health Organization.

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