Jan 27 2011
Voyage-Air FAQ
Voyage-Air FAQ #1
What about these new folding guitars?

The idea of a full-size acoustic guitar that folds for travel is radical. Here at Voyage-Air Guitar, we have perfected the design to create a full line of reliable, great sounding guitars. As you can imagine, we get phone and e-mail questions about the details of this new concept, and want to share some these questions and answers here:

Q: Do Voyage-Air guitars require special strings?D LeMay, Lake George, NY
A: No special strings are required, so you can easily buy replacements at any music store. For our acoustic guitars, “Light” (12) strings are recommended to achieve the full tone of the instrument, while making it still easy to play. Choose a quality brand of strings: our guitars are shipped with top-quality D’Addario strings.

Q: Do the strings tend to break? With all the folding and unfolding? D Lauren, Paris, France
A: Surprisingly, the strings do not tend to break. We have a test guitar, a VAD-2 Dreadnought that is played frequently. As a test, we have not replaced the strings in over two years (this is NOT recommended). This test guitar has never broken a string.

Q: How long has Voyage-Air Guitar been around?R Metzeler, Munich, Germany
A: We began shipping guitars through the retail channel over two years ago. Prior to that, we conducted extensive field-testing of prototypes and hand-made custom models for about three years – so probably five years is the best answer.

Q: What about the Voyage-Air folding hinge? Is it reliable?P Chapman, Sydney, Australia
A: The patented Voyage-Air folding hinge is the heart of our products, and is the end result of precision engineering and exhaustive testing. For all the guitars that we’ve shipped to customers, warranty claims related to the hinge can be counted on one hand.

Q: Does the Voyage-Air folding hinge affect the tone of the guitar?R Goowin, SLC, Utah
A: When in the playing position, the hinge and the neckstrap screw firmly lock the neck with the body of the guitar. There is no compromise in the sound of the guitar, for sustain, harmonics or string balance. The proof is in the professional musicians who use their Voyage-Air instruments as their ‘go to’ guitars – for jamming, practicing and more. Pros like Rusty Anderson (of the Paul McCartney Band), John Oates (of Hall and Oates), and dozens of others. These guitar superstars can afford anything – yet they choose to play Voyage-Air guitars. Even on stage. Click here for a list of pro musicians who endorse and use Voyage-Air guitars.

Q: Which Voyage-Air guitar is best for me?S Tanner, Miami, Florida
A: Buy the most expensive one! Um… just kidding. The Voyage-Air Guitar website has great information that can help you choose the guitar that’s right for you. Click here for more about how to choose a guitar that’s best for your needs.

Q: I need a pickup, so I can plug-in my guitar. Do you offer one?J Billings, Honolulu, HI
A: Not at this time, and for good reason: The wide spectrum of players who use Voyage-Air guitars have various needs and expectations from a pickup. For some players, only the best (and expensive) dual-source pickups will meet their needs. For others, an inexpensive pickup that ‘clips’ into the soundhole will produce fine results. All Voyage-Air acoustic guitars can be fitted with a wide range of pickups: saddle, under-bridge, soundhole and more. Click here for our website, where you can enter a request for more information related to your pickup needs.


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