Apr 21 2010
Update your facebook account through your clothes

Digitally enhanced clothing that connects to the internet and allows you to send messages or download music may sound like an out there futuristic concept that will never make it past the drawing boards, but it has and the likelihood of this entering our lives soon is real.

The Ping Hoodie was an idea cooked up by designer Jennifer Darmour and is one of several hi-tech clothing ideas that she hopes to bring to the public market soon. The Ping hoodie works like this: Electronic sensors and flexible chip boards are imbedded in the fabric, when a person makes a specific movement such as raising the hood or pulling the zipper half way down it will act as a command to do something like send a message or call a friend. There will be speakers inside the hoodie and a receiver on one of the drawstrings; all of the electronics are connected to a wireless device such as a smart phone or your iphone. The designs have not just been created around the functionality, but they aim to be trendy and current, so that the clothes appeal to the general public and not just gadget geeks.

Currently this type of electronic clothing is still in the development phases, but if you would like to check out more of Jennifer’s ideas their website is https://www.electricfoxy.com/ping/

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