Dec 16 2015
Uber Review Tips

So I must admit I am not a heavy user of Uber, but after a few uses I can say for the most part it is pretty good.

One issue I have is that you cannot call Uber for support, you have to email someone at Uber, which seems like a big problem. For instance tonight I was arranging a pickup of someone and the first driver canceled, the second drive picked up the person and then asked how they would be paid, and could not figure out the address where he was going, then the third person finally go there and is on his way with the passenger.   So 45 minutes after making the first request we have a driver who knows what they are doing.

When you contact the driver, you are not texting their personal number, it is a shared number for calls and texting.

So when I tried to text the second driver who was pretty much clueless, the third driver received it, and was confused.  Then I learned that the number is shared to protect the privacy of the driver and passenger.

Uber is workable but it does require some patience, and perhaps there should be more work done to check drivers who signup for the service and not allow anyone to signup.

And doing spot checks on drivers to maintain service standards.

For now if you have a problem, the best thing to do is post on social media, and email

There is a number but we are not sure if it is for customer service for Uber: (415) 986-2104

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