Dec 15 2015
LAUSD Los Angeles Unified School District Schools Closed Due To Credible Threat @LASchools

Approx 640,000 Los Angeles Unified School District students are being asked to stay home due to a credible threat.

The alert went out at approx 6:45am. Details are still developing. School district officials will make a formal announcement. No other threats in the LA County area are known. Second largest school district in the nation.

Every schools will be examined. 900 schools are closed.

For parents who have questions they can call: 213-241-2064

The threat appears to have come from overseas.

An announcement revealed that the threat was made to MANY¬†schools with backpacks being detailed. An “electronic threat” was received. FBI was notified. Still be analyzed. Threat was to students at schools.

George Villegas

Steve Zimmer LAUSD

Every school will be searched so that schools are safe for Wednesday.

Ramon Cortines with the LAUSD made an announcement. Children walking to school will be taken care to make sure they get come safely.

Chief Siberman with LAUSD.

All schools are going to be inspected for anything that is suspicious.

Los Angeles has one of the largest school districts in the United States.

The nature of the threat is not known.

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