Jan 28 2020
Things To Know About Wuhan Coronavirus Los Angeles So Cal #coronavirus

Updated 1-30-20
– 9821 infected, with some estimates now over 15,000.
– 213 dead.
– 171 recovered.
– 15 238 suspected cases.
– 20 countries affected.
– Italy has stopped all flights from China.
– WHO has declared it a global public health emergency.
– It surpassed SARS in number of infected.

Things To Know About Wuhan Coronavirus in Los Angeles and Southern California

  1. There are cases that have been confirmed in the US, including Los Angeles(Orange County), Chicago, Seattle,
  2. Expect to see more cases as there are those who have traveled to the region and are back, potential carriers of the virus.
  3. There is no vaccine
  4. Wash your hands and cover your mouth and don’t touch your eyes and nose with your hands
  5. Hard to detect, symptoms are similar to cold

As of this time 107 people have died with close to 5,000 cases confirmed, and thousands of people are believed to be exposed.

CDC has issued warning to those traveling to and from China.

Economic impact is hard to measure, but there will be depending on how the spread is controlled.

Gates Foundation is granting emergency $10 million to fund support to contain the global spread of the virus

Transmission is through coughing or sneezing from infected person or touching contaminated objects.





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