Nov 9 2014
The Spice Factory Indian Restaurant Pasadena Opening #626food

Slated to open on November 12, 2014, The Spice Factory at 80 S Fair Oaks in Pasadena is sure to be the talk of the food scene if it isn’t already. In its soft opening the buzz has been good, now we wait for the opening on Wednesday.

This is the dream of Dr. Raj Pandita who puts is sweat and soul into creating one of the best Indian cuisine establishments in the area. With over 250 unique recipes and flavors that are traditional to Indian cuisine.

Pasadena has a growing Indian population and with that the opportunity to serve a growing audience.

The brain behind ‘The Spice Factory’, Dr. Raj Pandita, a Kashmiri Indian by birth, is the chairman of Aahaara Group, a non-profit organization. In over 20 years of his stay here in USA Dr. Raj, a food enthusiast, has travelled all over, in search of authentic Indian eateries. His desire is to eat at the places where he would relish Indian food that looks Indian, smells Indian and tastes Indian too.

The Spice Factory - - Pasadena, CA, United States
pictured: Dr. Raj Pandita at the front of the new restaurant.


The Spice Factory
80 North Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103

Other Indian Eateries in the Old Pasadena and nearby include, Akbar, All India Cafe, New Delhi Palace, Sitar Indian Cuisine, and the up and coming Chutney slated to open in the next several months.

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