Dec 22 2009
The Gillmor Gang

Today’s show discussion with Robert Scoble

Twittmeme -crowds that tweet things in real time, news in particular
RSS is dead?

– Microsoft missed that the internet was important???

2010 Predictions

Gabe – gadgets for 2009 – TechCrunch
gaberibera on twitter

Kevin Marks – 2009 – amazing progress in open protocols ,
2010 – passwords to sites are going to go away, you will be interconnected from one site to another

Robert Scoble – forward motion in mobile, iphone apps, showing normal people delivered this year. real time has been fun to participate. Search hasn’t gotten there. Google is toying with real time.
Will 2010 be the year of search. Facebook and Twitter, put it in enterprise, Salesforce made a big push.
2010 – coming, industry will stop chasing the iphone. Andriod, apps maps, way ahead of what is on iphone, getting apple into a reactive mode.
Windows 7 hasn’t gotten enough hype. He is right, Windows 7 is a big change. $300 netbook, with Chrome.

Steve Gillmor

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