Jan 12 2011
Textbookstop.com, the best place for educational materials

There’s no getting around the fact that education is an expensive service. Tuition fees, accommodation, equipment and text books can all add up to a surprisingly large sum at the end of the day. Well, using a new service called textbookstop.com, you can now cut back the costs of your learning materials considerably- leaving you with more cash to spend on the things that you want! In fact, you could save up to $200 a semester!

Textbookstop.com is an innovative service which allows you to rent your text books at a fraction of the cost of actually purchasing them. After all, how likely are you to need to refer to these books once your course is over? In the event that you would actually like to keep your books for future reference, textbookstop.com also offers a competitive rate for you to purchase used books- meaning that you can still save money and keep the book long after your course has finished.

Even better, Textbookstop.com even pays for the cost of returning the book, so you don’t need to worry about the cost of fedexing that two kilo biology behemoth back to them!

As if that wasn’t enough, textbookstop.com are also offering 10% off your whole order- simply use the code TEXTLESS at the checkout and you can save even more on the cost of your education.

Still not enough for you to give the service a try? Well, how about this- textbookstop.com will also help contribute to your student group. The more of you who use their service, the more they can offer, giving your group money to spend on anything from athletic equipment to road trips.

Textbookstop.com, check them out today!

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