Dec 27 2021
Tesla News – Phone and Daimler/Mercedes/AMG Acquisition?

With all the rumors and news swirling around Tesla we are now hearing about Tesla releasing a phone, apparently much more advanced than the Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy of today.
There are videos of prototypes anticipated on YouTube, whether these are accurate or not is to be seen.

In addition we are also hearing rumors that Tesla is in talks to acquire Daimler/Mercedes. While it was anticipated that Tesla would acquire or at the very least partner with a car company, this is appears to be a good target for Tesla. Daimler with their advanced design and manufacturing and AMG division can bring a lot of benefit to Tesla. Again while yet to be seen this will be welcome news, and could catapult Tesla ahead of the other players in the space.
While there is also speculation that Tesla will form an alliance of sorts with Toyota anything could happen.

Meanwhile Apple is not sitting idle and there are rumors of Apple accelerating development of their vehicle.


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